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Chemical Glycobiology

The CheGB team has a high level of interdisciplinary with scientists displaying complementary know-how, from organic synthesis to cell biology. The research topics cover several aspects of high significance: from structural analysis of (glyco)macromolecules to medicinal chemistry.

The research activities of the team aim to exploit synthetic chemistry to create innovative tools for the study of glycans and glycoenzymes. The chemical glycobiology approach starts with the analysis of biological phenomena in order to deduce structural information about glycoproteins, glycolipids, proteoglycans or small molecules that interact with them.

We envision to understand the problems of glycobiology as a whole. In vivo chemistry has found applications in a wide range of applications including tagging and tracking of biomolecules, biomolecules interactions, molecular imaging and therapy. All the team members have complementary objectives, which synergizes the research achievement.

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